What’s News


Introducing Trident!

Trident Multi-Synchronic Oscillator Ensemble is a 100% analog triple oscillator module with unique synchronous modulation capabilities that open up a universe of dynamic timbral textures. Available this Spring.  Learn more…

New Assimil8or Software!assimil8or_pat

We’ve released Assimil8or software version 1.10 (October 1, 2018). The new software adds real-time sample monitoring, individual channel solo and muting, improved file catalog display, and a healthy collection of squashed bugs. Install it now! Get it here…

Control Forge Update!

We’ve released a firmware update to Control Forge that adds OLED brightness control and a screensaver and a new Tempo Mode that let’s you specify each segment’s length in musical note values relative to a tempo set in BPM. Learn more….

Evolution Parameter Demo

Check out a brief video demo of just a few of the (innumerable) sounds available from the various parameters of the Evolution Variable Character Ladder Filter.

The Amazona.de Interview


Learn much, much more about Dave’s history and the inside story of E-mu Systems in this four-part interview by Amazona.de.

Part 1Part 2Part 3Part 4