Morpheus Overview

A comprehensive overview of Morpheus from Ben “DivKid” Wilson, featuring extensive filter examples with a variety of audio sources, as well as an introduction to Morpheus’s Filter Sequencer.

Morpheus Introduction and Overview

A concise introduction to Morpheus from our friends at Control.

Morpheus Noise Shaping 

Another from DivKid.  Here, he walks through a variety of Morpheus filters using noise as a broadband input.  The noise was run through a low pass gate which was struck rhythmically to show how the filter responds to changing amplitudes.

Control Forge

Control Forge Introduction Video

Real-Time CV Modulation

From composer, sound designer, and beta tester extraordinaire, Kurt Kurasaki, a demonstration of using the Relative Quantized CV mode to generate 1v/oct patterns and then, using another CV source as the input, quantizing the input and then generating patterns based on the incoming voltage.

The Preset Sequencer

Another demo by Kurt, this time a Control Forge Preset Sequence driving a handful of modules with the CV out, inverted CV out, and the two trigger outputs. The Control Forge knobs have been programmed to act in a variety of functions as the sequencer steps through different presets.


Evolution Introduction Video


Evolution Parameter Demo